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Vanir is a Danish folk metal band from Roskilde. At the scheduled concerts the emphasis was on regional traditions. Every evening brought new delights. Wednesday we saw Norwegian fiddling, munnharpa playing, and traditional dancing, followed by a spectacular performance by the Sakha-Yakutia delegation, which ended with us all going to a fire ceremony down in the reconstructed village. On Thursday it was European traditions and music from Southeast Asia; on Friday the Urals, Central Asia and Japan.
Experience the inner quiet that comes from listening to the peaceful patterns of Gregorian chant. Tuned to a medieval scale, this wind chime echoes the vocal music that has been sung as a part of daily devotionals and meditation in the monasteries and churches of Western Europe for more than a thousand years. Many believe this music to have remarkable healing powers. The sound is beautiful, relaxing and mysteriously compelling. Like the free-flowing monophonic lines of the chant, this windchime's resonant tones will surround the listener as the sounds linger in the breeze.
Áron Szilágyi is one of the most acknowledged Jew's harp players in the world. His unique, signature dynamic playing style inspired countless players around the globe. Áron has created, managed and played in music projects that have gained big success in the world-music scene, he is promoter for festivals and world-music events, organses Jew's harp festivals, gives workshops worldwide, director of the biggest musical instrument museum in Hungary, writes articles and runs a webshop dedicated to the Jew's harp.
Frank was also a regular” at the St. Louis Cardinals games. My band played between innings, and Frank looked me up when he was still with the Post-Dispatch. He gave me a lot of good press. Then he decided to start his own advertising agency—and my band, and then Gene Rodemich's, were among his first clients. When Frank married his first wife, Ellie Adeline Eleanor Woodlock, I was the pianist at their wedding reception. Ellie died in her early forties, when she and Frank were living in Chicago.
This shrutibox is ideal for people who look for a small and light instrument, e. g. for travelling. The bellows are relatively small, therefore you need a little practice and constant attention to keep the sound stable and even - especially when several levers are opened. Including a carry bag. Tonal range from c to c'.
The force of frame pressing against the teeth. Jew's harp should not be pressed too hard or too weak; it is quite easy to find the right force by experiment; the frame should be always held tight on the teeth and not break away when the tongue vibrates.
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